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Hot dip coatings, protective devices, finishing caps, grips, electrical insulators & connectors, boots & bellows, wireforms, clamps & clips, custom medical accessories, specialty & consumer items, and much more...

Typical Applications

Bellows, Covers, Boots, Grips and caps, Sleeves, Coated parts.
Have complete control with one partner...Plastic Dip Molding, Inc.
Give us a minute and keep an open mind. We’d like to present our plastic dip molding process, a cost effective way to produce PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) components. We’ll show you things you cannot do with plastic injection molding.

Slash tooling and molding cost by 90%

It's the number one reason our customers prefer plastic dip molding. We produce an aluminum mold to conform to the internal dimensions, usually within 48 hours. This is possible because we operate our own tool-making facilities, including an extensive Pattern Shop. Call for an estimate and see for yourself.

Produce in low quantities (10 not 10,000) inexpensively

Low cost tooling also means prototypes and short runs are so inexpensive that it creates opportunities for products that injection molding simply cannot produce cost effectively.
Dip Molding is the most economical method for producing Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) components. A metal tool, shaped to the internal dimensions of the required molding is heated and immersed in PVC. After withdrawal, the tool, together with the deposited PVC, is reheated. Finally, the cured molding is cooled and stripped from the tool.

Cost effective from prototype to mass production

Our facilities are organized to permit manufacture of prototypes, intermediate quantities and mass production. Our automatic high-speed plant enables us to supply dip moldings at very competitive prices.
Rigid quality standards ensure that our moldings meet the customer's specifications including quality check of the plastic material process and conditions, and inspection of the finished moldings.
Our Dip Molded parts have either high gloss or matte surface finish and are free from flash.

On-site formulation for PVC enhancements including Class IV, mil-specs, durability, electrical & chemical resistance, temperature range, UL, FDA, flexibility, hardness, anti-static and more. Variety of thickness from .005" to 1/2". Custom colors a specialty. High gloss, matte and soft textured finishes.

Colors: Plastic dip parts are available in a wide range of attractive translucent or opaque colors, and a special color matching service is offered.

  • Manufacturing
  • Battery terminal and electrical insulation covers
  • Printing & Decorating Capabilities

Produce complex shapes & sizes cost-effectively

We currently produce moldings ranging from sizes as small as 0.12" end caps up to covers measuring 4' x 4' x 4'.
And since we don't have an injection entry point or mold parting line you get a blemish-free surface. Wall thickness is governed by the thermal capacity of the tool and by the immersion time. Thicknesses between 0.02" and 0.31" are possible. The normal tolerance of ±0.01 is acceptable for most applications, but for certain requirements can be reduced.

Raw Material Formulation

Our laboratory can produce the right material to meet your chemical, physical and environmental specifications. Over 30 characteristics can be enhanced including durability, electrical and chemical resistance, temperature range, UL, FDA, flexibility, hardness and more. Properties can be improved by modifying the basic grades.

Material Properties

The properties of a dip molding depend on the grade of material selected and the component design. The best characteristics cannot necessarily be incorporated in any one grade, but tests covering the range of grades show the following results:


Durometer Hardness: Shore A, 35-96 ±2
Tensile Strength: 1500 PSI to 2800 PSI ±200 PSI
Tear Strength: 120 PPI to 500 PPI ±30 PPI
Low Temperature: Flex temperature to -65¡F (-54¡C)
High Temperature: Continuous operation to 240¡F (116¡C)
Ultimate Elongation: 300% to 400% ±40%
Dielectric Strength: 300 volts/mil to 650 volts/mil ±50 volts/mil
Burning Characteristics: Many grades meet the Federal Motor Vehicle SafetyStandard #302, The Bureau of Mines, ASTM-E162 and other specification requirements.

PVC dip moldings have high resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents, attack by sunlight, color migration and resistance to oils, greases and gasoline.

We invite you to use, free of charge, our design service for covers of all types.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , fax (215-766-2222) or mail (P.O. Box 450, Plumsteadville, PA 18949) your layout as a drawing or sketch and we will send back a complete solution with detailed drawing ready for you to supply your part number and title.

We provide design and technical solutions to your problems – with over 30 years experience and latest CAD (SolidWorks plus translators for all major CAD systems).


From design through installation call our engineering staff at 800-262-2111. Please visit for more information.

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