Become UL Recognized

Quickly and Economically.

By using Arbosol 11375, InsulBoot® can solve your
UL challenges when it comes to PVC Boots.

At InsulBoot® we are always looking for ways to enhance our components as part of our commitment to continually invest in and improve our quality and customer service. InsulBoot® is proud to announce our most recent UL recognitions.

We have cemented our place as world leaders in the bus bar insulation industry by having our Arbosol 11375 material recognized for its use in the production of PVC boots for use in 5KV, 15KV, 28KV and 38KV rated systems.

While other companies only have UL certification on a range of parts or catalogue numbers, we have worked hard to provide the best solution for our customers and we can now apply the UL certification to ALL boots manufactured by InsulBoot® using Arbosol 11375. Whether we currently manufacture your existing parts or if you have a new design, your boots can now be UL recognized through our program.

Even if you are not an existing customer and have existing tooling, we can manufacture UL recognized PVC boots for you.



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