Heat Shrink

Polyolefin Halogen Free Material in Heat Shrink tubing, tape and molded boots

Our Polyolefin Material is used to make Heat Shrink Tubing which shrinks in diameter when heated. Its diameter and thickness can vary.

Heat shrink tubing is used to insulate wires & bus bars offering abrasion resistance and environmental protection for conductors, connections, joints and terminals. It is typically placed over the connection to be protected and then heated.

The heat shrink process causes the tubing to shrink on a ratio of 3 to 1 from its original diameter, providing a snug fit over irregularly shaped joints. This provides excellent electrical insulation, protection from dust, solvents and other foreign materials, as well as strain relief.

Some of the features offered by InsulBoot® Heat Shrink Tubing include:

  • Voltages between 1kV-36kV
  • Shrink Temperature 125 degrees Celsius
  • Stocked Colors: Red
  • Special Order Colors: Black, Yellow, Green
  • Compatible replacement for: 3M® and Raychem® applications

This same Polyolefin material also comes in varying widths of shrink tape, and we are proud to announce that we have now devised a process to provide molded boots from this polyolefin heatshrink, furthering its usability.

To inquire about our Polyolefin Molded Boots feel free to contact us directly using our contact tab on the website
or call us at 1-800-262-2111.


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